Elizabeth O’Farrell House

This ongoing series of projects to refurbish a North Dublin City Centre for public Medical Review and Assessment Services includes the refurbishment in 2016 of the upper floors to provide office and examination suites; by adding an internal hardwood and double glazed screen within the existing aluminium envelope, a ‘double facade’ zone has been created to buffer thermal comfort and to improve energy performance of the building holistically. This double facade zone is now being appropriated by planting by the staff, generating further microclimates – a breathing building.

A new stair in precast concrete, terrazzo flooring and brass rails was inserted into the building in 2015, to give a lighter, more open and becoming atmosphere to the entrance areas, whilst the material selections are cognisant of durability and the daily ‘wear and tear’ of this busy public building.
A new welfare centre incorporating specially designed furniture accommodates the public interview process. Natural materials are used to bring warmth to the space, using profiled wing walls to provide acoustic privacy and the correct photographic environment.

 Refurbished facade along North Cumberland Street

Detail of new hardwood sliding sash windows behind original aluminium screens

Study of elevations

Detail of Original Doorway


Dove sculptures reflect glimmering flashes of sunlight

Interior stairwells formed in precast concrete flights with inset terrazzo treads and brass rails

Interior office space with restored parquet floor and matching hardwood interior screens

Entrance tower, new lift and stair core within