Emerging housing project strategies, West Dublin

- Dec 01, 2018 - .

PAC Studio continue to develop strategies for new housing solutions with this project at the western edge of Dublin. The apartment complex includes south-facing living spaces to all dwellings. The arrangement of the three blocks of accommodations is designed to ensure that overshadowing is avoided.

A series of landscaped gardens run through the site between the three buildings, rising to the tallest element on the corner facing the existing High Street. The mass of the blocks variously responds to the contexts of the 3 adjacent streets in terms of scale, using set-backs and indentations to break down the volume of the proposals in relation to the neighbouring buildings.


Elderly Housing, County Kildare

- Oct 31, 2018 - .

The national Housing Agency have identified a number of Local Authority sites suitable for development of social, affordable and elderly housing. PAC Studio has recently submitted outline proposals for a scheme in Kildare, incorporating 24 elderly housing units and a community room. This shared support facility is located at the entrance to the site, facing the village High Street.

The housing is set behind the the high street, with remote car-parking a key strategy to allow the creation of shared garden directly outside the dwellings, fostering a sense of community. The dwellings are stacked and offset across two storeys, with deck access. A staggered light-well placed between the external terraces ensures good levels of sunlight to all living spaces, and allows interaction between residents.

House in the Country

- Oct 30, 2018 - .

Updated photographs of our farmhouse in Balbriggan. See more at balbriggan.

Affordable Housing in Cork

- Oct 30, 2018 - .

PAC Studio has been involved in the strategic development of a prominent site in Cork, adjacent to a rail link direct to the city centre. The project is part of the Housing Agency strategy for development of social and affordable housing for a range of demographics across the country. In this instance, terraced housing is developed around shared communal gardens, with a range of landscaped spaces for family use. Car parking is located to the end of the terraces and is shared with the taller apartment block. The massing and positioning of the apartment block makes for a landmark on the train line, whilst the lower floors allow for some community facilities, including creche and a small cafe.

Welcome to Lorena Dondea

- Oct 29, 2018 - .

PAC Studio welcomes a new member to our team this week. Lorena joins us in a break from her studies in the Dublin School of Architecture. Earlier this year, Lorena was highly commended for her design for a school in Drogheda, entered in the RIAI Student Award for Sustainable Design. The award aims to recognise the awareness and integration of sustainable design principles by students as an inherent part of their design approach to a project, and we look forward to her contribution to the studio Рbeginning with her involvement in an elderly housing scheme outside Dublin, one of a series of new housing projects currently being developed by PAC Studio.

Ballsbridge Light

- Jul 09, 2018 - .

A new breath of life has been brought to the interior of this Ballsbridge apartment. PAC Studio carved out the internal partitions to make a large new entrance hallway, bathed in multiple sources of daylight. The simple palette of materials and colours provides a neutral backdrop to the changing colours of light across the day

Photograph courtesy of Enda Cavanagh.

RIAI Award Winners, 2017