Rural Landscape

- Aug 27, 2016 - -

A trip to the north yesterday to our project for a family house within a farming landscape, set within fields of beans under the late summer sun. The design developed from the traditional farmhouse with projecting walls sheltering the external spaces, and the utilitarian barn structures for storage and shelter. Efficient planning, orientation and design of the envelope and structure all contribute to the passive solar design concept, with minimal reliance on external energy resources.

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image5 copy

Malahide market

- May 27, 2016 - -

The marketplace in Malahide in the sunshine this week, criss-cross shadows from roof, shimmering anodised screens.

Daylighting in the workplace

- May 25, 2016 - -

cluid model

PAC have been developing means to maximise the benefits of a naturally lit office, balancing the control of glare with access to good daylight and connection to the external conditions – through a range of models and scales.


- May 01, 2016 - -


This stairwell has four sources of daylight and many more changes of direction in the soffit, reflecting light internally and profiled to follow the context of the terrace either side of the new house.

Medical Review and Assessment Service, North Dublin

- Mar 27, 2016 - -


PAC has successfully delivered the next stage of the refurbishment of the Medical Review and Assessment Services on Northumberland Street – the internal refurbishment of the office spaces included the development of a low energy inner glazing system, in hardwood sash windows, making a double facade zone for thermal comfort and energy saving – and a zone for staff to grow planting in this inner city location. As found materials – terrazzo floors, parquet – from the original 1940’s design were refurbished and restored within the scope of the project, complimentary to the new timber interior spaces.

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Congratulations to Jessica Lange

- Nov 15, 2015 - -

stairCongratulations to Jessica from all at PAC – Jess graduated last Friday with a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Building Repair And Conservation. Her thesis focused on the restoration techniques for mid-20th century concrete cladding and structure on a Social Welfare Office we have been refurbishing for the Office of Public Works in Dublin. PAC Studio designed this insertion of a precast concrete public stair and lifts for the building this year, to provide a durable, robust but light-filled entrance for all visitors to this public facility.

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