Community and Elderly Housing Design

- Mar 03, 2018 - .

Our design of a new residential neighbourhood in Drogheda includes 66 apartments, 30 of which are designated for elderly and ageing tenants. The site is a former and long abandoned quarry, with a steep cliff to the south. The layout of the 3 buildings perpendicular to both the quarry face two the south and trunk road to the north enables a sequence of landscape fingers to reach from the mature planting at the base of the quarry face, to the public road. These fingers are planted as a series of varied landscapes and gardens, allowing for interaction and different uses throughout the day. The entrance to each of the 3 buildings bridge the main pedestrian route across the site, which snakes across the various levels, providing seating areas with elevated views back to the city. The layouts are designed to maximise solar access to each of the living spaces, with large apertures in the framed facades allowing for sheltered balconies to each of the residents. The shifts in the layout of the blocks and the facades of the individual dwellings allows a greater sense of privacy and shelter for the inhabitants. We look forward to a successful planning permission this summer.

More details can be found hereĀ Louth Community Housing

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