PAC Studio is an architectural practice where environmental considerations are fundamental to making spaces and places that feel good. Our projects are filled with natural light, the warmth of the sun, and the breath of fresh air. Each project is a unique solution, responding to the particular needs and desires of our clients within the context, culture and climate of both site and use. We implement a range of both physical and digital modelling techniques throughout the course of every project to simulate and test light, space, materials and energy performance. This is critical to the engagement of our clients in the development of elegant design solutions that are affordable, comfortable and atmospheric.

Rigorous management through the design process and the construction stages in particular is fundamental to our success in the delivery of projects that exceed expectations, whilst remaining within the budgets and timescales our clients demand. A core element of the practice is the concept of design for life – a recognition that the use of the built environment over time is continuously adapting and evolving. Our long-term involvement with our clients and the users of our designs beyond ‘practical completion’ of the project is key to our design approach. delivering healthy environments for living, working and relaxing. Ongoing research and design work delivers measurable, energy-efficient design solutions, both comfortable in use and pleasurable in experience, through an understanding of the inter-relationships of users, spaces, buildings and the wider context of climate and weather.

Founding directors Graham Petrie and Peter Crowley have worked together since 2000 and founded PAC Studio in 2007. We were commended by the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland for Best Emerging Practice award in 2012.