Bay View in Kilkee, County Clare 2010

This extensive overhaul of an existing Convent House on the south cliff of Kilkee arose from the potential to reinvent the relationship of the existing interior labyrynth of rooms to the site condition of absorbing sea views to the north and a steeply sloping former quarry to the rear, south side of the house. In response to this, we systematically removed rooms and allowed for larger rooms, all accessed directly from the new double height entrance hallway. This entrance hall is punctured by numerous wall and roof openings, to bring shifting light throughout the day. Long views are provided from rear to front of house, ensuring the sea is always present in the interior. An new wing replaces the former garage, as a tube of space connecting front to back, sea to sun.
The integration of a passive solar heating system with the requirement to insert a highly insulated structural timber frame within the original stone shell of the existing building ensures a warm and draught proof home throughout the year, in this harsh climate of the North Atlantic seaboard.

Play of light within entrance


Interior views of entrance hall


Section through cliff


Model of extension and insertions


During construction


View across Clare coastline -literally bay windows

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