Courtyard Mews House in Dublin

This courtyard house slots into the rear garden of a traditional Georgian residence in Rathmines; the entire site is formed as a walled garden of two courtyard spaces, with the bedrooms at the first floor in a bridge crossing the site bounding walls. Below this bridge, the open ground floor plan arrangement is bound in sliding glass walls; multiple transparencies and reflections of glass transform the quality of light through day and night. A screen of tensioned steel rods supporting timber stair treads separates the spaces for eating and cooking from the lounge area, accessing bedrooms above and and down to a studio, complete with a light well connecting this lower level to the courtyard above.

Mews Lane, at dusk


Living spaces at ground floor opens up to exterior courtyards


Living in the garden


Layered glass facade to bedroom ‘bridge’ over walled garden


Glass screen detail





View to sky from lowest level


Sections through courtyard, top, and stairs, above

Black timber treads suspended between steel tension rods, hung from the first floor above


Entrance in rusted steel





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