House by the sea, Clontarf

An existing bungalow with views out to Dublin Bay was substantially renovated and extended to the rear garden, to generate a varied sequence of living and courtyard garden spaces. The existing living spaces being on the north side of the property received little direct sunlight; in response, we developed a series of tilted roofs across the open plan living, dining and kitchen spaces to capture different qualities of daylight throughout the day. The passage of the sun across the sky is therefore reflected in the use and environmental qualities of the interior spaces, tracking the warmth and light of the sun according to the seasons. The courtyards within the layout give additional views and internal connections between spaces, incorporating and framing existing trees and planting. The entire property was refurbished with appropriate upgrades to the insulation standards and heating systems, additional bedrooms and a new entrance space. This new hallway includes the original external brickwork to the house as part of the new interior, blurring the threshold between inside and outside.

Garden view with red oxide zinc standing seams wrapping both roofs and walls

Interior of lounge and dining area connect directly to patio

View from kitchen to courtyard with northlight overhead.


Kitchen, dining and lounge areas, each with a unique rooflight overhead bring constant changes to the colour of daylight


Dining space and link to existing house within former courtyard space, lined with original exterior brickwork


Model of ground floor

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