An Cairéal Housing Community, Drogheda

This apartment scheme for an approved housing body proposes a dense urban community close to the town centre of Drogheda, on the site of a former quarry. The unique setting allows for three buildings of 5 storeys each, with roof levels aligned to the top of the embankment to the south, variously cut back to allow for maximum solar access to the south facing courtyard spaces between. A total of 66 apartments allow for a range of needs within the ageing community, and a Clann community hub provides additional support, with social lounge, laundry, communal kitchen and offices for the support team.

Construction Phase: 1 An Cairéal, courtyard to base of former quarry

Study model

Site Plan with embankment to the south, top of image

Full width external terraces face the sun, Community Center under residences

Construction Phase: An Cairéal, brick paved concourse

Construction Phase